A 5,000-kilometer cycling
adventure through the
heart of Africa

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On June 14th, Jan, Thomas, Huib and Willem set off on a cycling adventure of over 5,000 kilometers, straight through the African continent


Because we believe that protecting wildlife is the greatest and most important challenge of our generation, and the only way we can do this is through engaging people all over the world.


We will try to engage people in two ways:

1. By increasing awareness among our own generation about the importance of nature conservation.

2. By raising money for environmental education in order to educate and engage people living in or near conservation areas in Africa.


In practice this means we will cycle past eight wildlife parks, where we will meet the men and women who dedicate their lives to the protection of Africa’s wildlife. Using film as our medium, our aim is to share their stories, as well as our own personal journey, with as wide an audience as possible. You can help us through donations and by sharing our content!


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